Health & Safety

Spitfire Hog Roasts is a customer led company with our focus on 100% customer satisfaction. We are therefore very serious about health and safety issues and the legalities surrounding it. These days, there are so may risks involved in the catering industry that it's critical we provide a safe enviroment, as well as offering peace of mind at your function.

We are chuffed to bits to again be awarded the food hygiene rating of 5 stars by the South Norfolk Council. The Food Hygiene Rating reflects the standards achieved by the local hygiene authority and ratings are given on a scale of 0 (not great and avoid if at all possible) up to 5 (book with confidence). Our staff are well trained in food hygiene standards and are very much aware of health & safety risks when out working at various functions. 

We pride ourselves in having the following as standard:

•  5 Star Food Hygiene Rating •  Full Public Liability •  Food Hygiene Certificate •  Medical Aid Kits •  Fire Extinguishers  •  Temperature Controlled Hog Roast Machines •  CE Approved, British Built Machines •  Health and Safety Certificates  •  Fire Blankets 

All our Hog Roast Machines have the European CE mark, so you can be assured it has been thoroughly checked and meets stringent safety standards. The machines are all unpainted, stainless steel and has no glass viewing window. (Even safety glass has been known to shatter!) The cooking area is completely covered enabling it to have a controlled cooking temperature, independant of the outside temperature. The machine is also smokeless, so cooking indoors is no problem what so ever.

All our staff are fully trained, wear disposable gloves (preparing and serving the food) and we even have great looking bandanas....which are pretty cool and allot more attractive than hair nets. Personal hygiene is also of paramount importance to all of us. All our safety measures are then implemented into our first class service which goes into making your day a relaxed, fun and more importantly, safe enviroment

Even if we are providing a D.I.Y. hog roast hire, we will always brief you on the safety procedures involved and what to do if it all goes a little pear shaped. Alternatively, if we are doing a large outdoor, public event or catering for your corporate function, we assure you of our impeccable saftey standards and first class service.....and top notch grub too. If you wish to know more, would like to view any of our safety certificates, to make a booking or to just have a chat, please contact us by either giving us a call or emailing us. 

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